1. Anonymous said: you single yet~? ;) or is that pretty little slut still ur gurl

    Alright, I really didn’t know how to approach this. Mainly because what you are saying is very insulting to someone who is very close to me. 
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could refrain from such hurtful comments. 
    I know when your identity is hidden, its so tempting to say things you normally wouldn’t ever say to someone face to face.
    That is no excuse to call someone a “pretty little slut”. 
    The person you are insulting is my friend and I cannot allow people to mistreat or insult my friends. You can either act more mature and apologize otherwise Im sorry but I want nothing to do with you.


  2. Anonymous said: Seems as though I'm a bit late, but please I want to say it but not like, for art.;u; 1)All four of your blogs are amazing, at least I think you have four.2)My headcanon is that you are really a very sad man, but you are also such a colourful and happy one, you don't ever show it.3)The person I care about doesn't know I care about them. Because I've recently broken their trust and I'm too scared to deal with it, let alone talk to them at all. I hope some day I can face them again w/out fear.

    Its alright, you’re not late, and, thank you for doing this, it really means a lot. If you ever want to make a request, please feel free to.

    I had five actually, i have four now. I was really foolish and left one me and a really close friend did together as a joke. Hopefully things will change and I can go back to 5 blogs, Even if it was a joke blog, it was still something really cool that we both shared. 

    Thats a sad headcanon amigo, I can assure you though Im happy, Im always happy ^u^.  Like I say, "See this "c:", This is a smile. This means I’m happy" And I promise you, Its so much easier to just smile. 

    Im so sorry to hear that, I really am. I might not know the full story, but Im sure if you cared about this person, (and assuming they cared about you back) then im guessing they might already know that you care for them. Its understandable to be afraid when you feel like you did something wrong, but people forgive each other. At least, the good people do. Im hoping your friend was a good person who knows how to forgive. If they are/were, than im sure you have nothing to be afraid of. I hope things work out between you and your friend. 
    If you ever need to talk amigo, feel free to message me anytime. Anon or not.
    Much love amigo, Stay awesome!

  3. Burd: Make out!? I though she said wanted to get take-out!

    tadmod requested Burd and Partway having glorious make outs.

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    im currently making one and I have never made anything like this before. 
    I have made the hooves and am currently working on the legs. cept I have no idea how to go about making the legs.
    Any advice? tips? tricks? 

    Thank for your time! much love, stay awesome!


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    If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?

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  9. This OC is named: Line Of Thought
    and was created by: 
    Annstigly requested i be the "first to instantiate him into visual reality" But i didn’t know how to do that, so I drew a picture of him instead c:

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  10. "Anyone can play the part of the genius, that just involves having an opinion, knowing the facts to back it up, and voicing them. Its playing the dummy thats hard. Because the voice of the dummy always falls to deaf ears."
    — )3urc(