Yeah, I've found that thing to be REALLY subjective and not effective and stuff. It may have to rely on a person being in a particular state of mind.

I don’t know too much about the psychology of cross word puzzles. but from what i do know, there is little to no psychological implications on a simple game like that. its got the same amount of psychoanalytical   reliance as a simple game of word association. which has a debatable amount of significance when it comes to accessing your sub-conscious.

I recommend watching this if you issues with shyness. 

nono it didnt upset me its just not what i expected ono

same here. I was expecting something fun, I WANT A DO OVER!

I sincerely apologize if i upset or worried anyone with that post. I love you all.
It seems that I got "Fool, leave! None cut pee!"

this is some ancient aztec prohphicy isnt it?


thank you, everything’s alright on my end, like im not sad or upset. 
just speechless at how morbid my 5 were. 

i regret my curiosity D:

Sorry :c

i really hope i didnt upset you, or anyone else
thats kinda why i didnt like the 5 i got. not so much because it effects me, like it didnt upset me personally, but because its too dark and depressing to post on my blog. im most likly going to delete that post very soon

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its you! yes!
yes how are you friend?
doing good i hope! 

what are some of your favorite mythological creatures?

I feel like doodling some