1. I’m going to become a drug dealer.

    My name will be Crank Hill, and I will sell cocaine and cocaine accessories. 


  2. masterjon902 said: so spook

    Much scare


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    Reblog this by midnight tonight and I’ll draw you in the picture! Must be following to count! Please attach refs of your OC or persona. Thanks everyone again for all the love!


  4. gregzemedic said: 6, 14? p.s. good luck out there i will not be on tumblr because of collage D: hopefully i will be able to catch up

    6: hrmm… nope! im a pretty happy dude ^u^ i don’t cry that much, if ever really. 
    14: nnnnnnope! i’ve been in bars, but I myself have never snuck in, nor drunk alcohol. I dont judge those who do drink while under aged, but I simply choose not to. 

    Amd thank you, I wish you the best of luck aswell! I hope you have fun in collage! Much love, study hard, Stay awesome!!

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    reblogging this again just to say: if you havent seen this yet you really need to

    this vine is just so excellent. the way that second guy just jumps in. the voice. the back shot and the dissonance of the FUCK OFF. this vine is a work of art.

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  6. ask-fickleaura said: i meant 27. whoops!

    no harm no foul ^u^

    27:  I want to, but at the same time i would only really believe if I saw or experienced something truly convincing… But then again, I wouldnt want to experence something convincing because that would be #2spooky4me

  7. Art!


  8. Hey, you! Yes, you.


    Hi. :]

    I, just wanted to say,
    I, Saw you smiling,
    And, well …

    Thank you.

    I don’t know why you were smiling, but
    Thank you
    For sharing your joy with me.

    It’s always a pleasure
    To see a stranger
    Or a friend
    Or an acquaintance–
    Or anyone, really!

    It’s beautiful.
    Don’t be afraid.
    Let it shine.


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    According to NBC Washington, this is one of the ridiculous ways Common Core teaches kids problem solving and critical thinking… with simple beyond reason math problems.

    I found this image on Facebook and shared it and even asked my stepfather to take a look at it. An aerospace engineer (a career involving a heavy amount of calculus) could not figure out what was going on here. If you’re making math so hard that someone who studied his ass off in calculus classes can’t understand it, you’re making it too hard for kids. Burn Common Core to the fucking ground.


    I can’t even begin to understand why this new fangled way is necessary. Like…I’m so confused right now looking at this shit. Bish whet?

    Fuck the American public education system. This shit is why out children don’t tank top 10 globally. This is why our children can’t get jobs.

    oh noooes the new way is the devils… adding to 12 until I get 32… DEVILWORK DEVILWORK DEVILWORK!!! BURN IT! … people on tumblr are really dumb… I also call bullshit on the whole stuff with the aerospace engineer… cuz if not that guy should reconsider his lifechoises when he cant figure out that it is just simply adding 20 to 12…


    My problem with this ‘method’ is that it’s five times the work, takes three times the time, and doesn’t actually teach subtraction. It’s the most asinine, roundabout way of taking 12 from 32 I’ve ever seen, and there’s not a minus sign to be seen in the whole solution. Teachers are doing the students no favors teaching this ‘method’, and are setting them up for failure and frustration down the line when they hit algebra and geometry. It’s a step backwards in efficient and logical problem solving. It is objectively a worse method and fails to actually teach the subtraction function.

    Teach the time-tested subtraction tables like you should, teach the number columns (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.), and students will have their answers in three seconds or less and actually use subtraction, instead of this 30 second, needlessly long exercise in addition.




     you have 7531

    you substract 4 from 5 to get 1.

    you substract 3 from 6 to get 3.

    you substract 2 from 7 to get 5.

    you substract 1 from 8 to get 7.

    now you sum up your 4 digits to get your answer.


    8765 - 1234 = __________

    you have 1234 and add 7000 to get 8234.

    you have 8234 and add 500 to get 8734.

    you have 8734 and add 30 to get 8764.

    you have 8764 and add 1 to get 8765.

    now you add the 4 numbers you used to get 7531 and get your answer.

    yeah so much more complicated…

    Now ask which of the two scenarios a first grader will understand better. The one with nothing but single-digit subtraction, or the one where they’re constantly dealing with four-digit numbers? Simplicity of understanding. The smaller numbers of Method 1 automatically makes it easier to understand and follow than Method 2. WE know the result can be gotten both ways, because WE know how the logic of subtraction and addition interact algebraically. A first grader doesn’t.

    Build the foundations first. Teach the single-digit subtraction, and the problem is both easy to solve and easy to understand. Why needlessly complicate the the path to the solution?

    gunrunnersarsenal The method you’re showing isn’t how it’s done in the original post though. If it was the method you’re showing, it would appear as follows:


    12 + | 0 | = 12

    12 + |20| = 32

    Answer = 0 + 20 = 20

    Instead of systematically making the units, the tens, the hundreds etc match up, they appear to be picking numbers totally at random, and adding them until the desired number is reached.

    Your method is roundabout but functionally identical to the conventional method, theirs is just… bluh?

    I don’t understand where you’re supposed to get the numbers to add?? Like how, while solving 32-12, are you supposed to get 12+3?? 15+5??Where are these numbers coming from? Do we just make them up? What the hell is even happening here?

    Why are we doing 4 ADDITION PROBLEMS, if we’re not even using the SOLUTION to those addition problems?? Why are we adding 3 extra steps to subtraction? It’s not even teaching subtraction at all, its just constant addition. 

    The “old fashioned” way is 10 times easier. Why make it more difficult? 

    im not sure why they chose to change it, but the method behind it is rather simple.
    If you need to solve 32- 12
    The numbers you add to twelve come from your own choosing.
    For example 

    12 + 3 = 15 (three is chosen because by adding three to twelve you turn it into a  number divisible by 5. which is one of the most preferred numbers when dealing with mathematical equations. IE: 25 + 5 is alot simpler than 17 + 13)
    You than take your new number (15) and add to it until you reach 32.
    15 + 10 = 25 (Again the number ten is chosen because it is very easy addition.)
    25 + 5 = 30 (again 5 is chosen because it is an easy addition. you could chose any number, it doesnt have to be five, its just fie is the easiest for most kids)
    30 +2 = 32 

    Which is an easier problem?
    3+10+5+2 or 32-12

    According to eduplace.com/mathsteps Children find addition easier than subtraction.

    granted this way does seem silly and over complicated, i can see why some children would benefit to using the “new way” over the “old way”

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  10. annstigly said: 16, 31, 34, 40, 51: Why?

    16: My biggest wish, is to have fun and make everyone i know happy!
    31: Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, All the right moves by One Republic, Pretty little head by Eliza Rickman, Coming your way by Beach avenue, SAIL by Awolnation, Best Day of my life by American Authors, Broken Crown by Mumford and sons, and The Monster by Eminem
    34: I was a fan of the warriors series when I was a kid, Nowaday my favorite book has got to be the HP Lovecraft complete collection book my little sister got for me. A close second would be my pocket thesaurus. 
    40: TACO! (twizz are proud yet? I chose taco over pizza)
    51: Why not?